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Asa Ki Vaar Pauri 2

  • Second Pauri helps me understand the projection of Parmesar (Truth) and greatness of this TRUTH. Helps me understand the vastness, limitlessness, constitution, power and other key elements of TRUTH.
  • It then dwells into the Greatness of this TRUTH – How the Greatness of TRUTH manifests through various dimensions and impacts the progression of our lives.
  • It then progresses to make me realise that how I am part of this TRUTH but it’s my own illusion that makes me ignorant of this TRUTH within me.
  • Lastly, Pauri drives the parallels between the Ones who live their life to come into alignment of this TRUTH and vice versa.
  • Summary – Pauri is motivating me to understand the TRUTH align my lifestyle to it.