Let's explore Gurbani to be a better version of ourselves

Five Senses and Gurbani

Chapter Objectives

- How to best use the input devices – Five Senses, given to us by Waheguru Jee

- We will learn from Gurbani how five senses can help to achieve the purpose of my life

- We will also learn that if we don’t use these senses as Gurbani guides us, then how they can divert us from the purpose of life

- Gurbani helps us keep a delete the anti virus that gets installed again and again by five senses – if we don’t know how to use them

- We learn from Gurbani in detail the role of Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tast and Touch and how we should ideally use them to become a better human being

- Chapter has group activities and assignments for kids to learn about role of five senses